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Lockbox etiquette shows respect to the listing agent, but also the seller's. You want to take the necessary steps to keep their property safe and secure, and treating the lockboxes with care before, during and after showings is how you do that. 

The hot market has kept CREB® Member Practice busy as we identify trends, promote best practices, and continue to answer member questions about unexpected situations in the field.

As we are amid the spring market and the summer market fast approaching, personal safety should be a top priority for all of us. 

Dower Rights should be on the radar of all members who deal in residential real estate. These are the rights that a married spouse has to a property if they are not on title. So how does a REALTOR® know if dower rights apply?
The CREB® Lobbybox program places a centralized lockbox for apartment style condominiums in a discreet but safe place. This allows for easy and efficient access to listings for REALTORS®, but for this to be possible, the keys always need to be available. 
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PRACTICE ADVICE April 23, 2024 Suite talk

Let’s discuss secondary suites, zoning laws, and other factors influencing REIX insurance and listing descriptions.

We’ve all seen it: open house signs teetering precariously on the edge of a traffic median as cars rush past. Did you know this sign placement violates the City of Calgary’s temporary signage bylaws? 

When dealing with title certificates, REALTORS® must review a current copy of the title to ensure accuracy and understand the registrations that come with it. These are some commonly seen registrations and what they mean.

In Calgary, vacancy rates have been incredibly low for the past few years. This means that many people looking for a place to rent are having a tough time finding one. With so few options available, prices for rental properties have skyrocketed, and it's become common for multiple people to apply for the same place. 

Members are still navigating the multiple offer landscape, and with low inventory going into the spring market, it’s not likely the multiple offer trend will let up any time soon. 

We’ve noticed more members dealing with overlapping showings, and there’s, shall we say, some frustration. The spring market demand is here, but the inventory isn’t, which is leading to new properties being overwhelmed by showing requests.  

In our ever-changing industry, staying informed about regulatory updates is crucial to maintaining compliance and upholding trust in our transactions. 

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