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Sept. 25, 2018

Measurement diagrams in Matrix™ mandatory Oct. 1

A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine the value-add measurement diagrams bring to your listings.

Proper diagrams for measurement supplements will become a mandatory requirement in residential listings as of Oct. 1. This implementation is not retroactive and will be enforced on listings uploaded on or after Oct. 1.

A proper measurement diagram must include:

  1. Measurement data on the diagram necessary to calculate total size; and
  2. An outline of the structure with exterior wall length measurements aligning with RECA's third RMS principle for detached properties. Or, an outline of the unit, including a floor plan with all measurements from the interior surface of the perimeter walls conforming to RECA's fourth RMS principle for attached properties.

To see how to upload RMS supplements to your listings, check out our how-to guide here

Please note, members who hire measurement companies to produce diagrams for their listings must ensure they are aware of RMS requirements for compliance as per RECA's RMS Principle 1.

Why are measurement diagrams becoming mandatory? 

Diagrams play a key role in measurement supplements for property listings and help to:

  • Support the enforcement of accurate Residential Measurement Standards (RMS) in the MLS® System;
  • Give members line of sight to the correct measurements on file for any given listing; and
  • Achieve database integrity.

Further questions about RMS compliance under CREB® Rules can be directed to or 403-781-1336.

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